GAEM Speleological Group

The speleological group of Madrid (GAEM) has been collaborating with our research group for years. Its role in MULTIPALEOIBERIA is crucial, since its members assist us in field survey and excavation logistics, especially when accessing difficult areas of karstic environments. Their expertise and deep knowledge of caves and surrounding landscapes resulted in new and exciting findings.

Excavators and Surveyors

As is commonplace in Archaeology and the Geosciences, a large number of students and early stage researchers participates in MULTIPALOEIBERIA field and labworks. The project is greatly benefited by their contribution and our team members do their best to provide scientific training to them, thus providing an excellent framework for a two-way transfer of knowledge.

Police Special Operations Force

Logistics are always complicated when doing fieldwork in low accessibility areas, such as those of the Peña Capón and Peña Cabra rock shelters, located in the Beleña water reservoir. The Special Operations Force of the Spanish National Police (GEO) collaborates with us providing our team with an outboard boat needed to transport the team to the sites.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Manuel Alcaraz-Castaño is a Professor of Prehistory at the University of Alcalá (Spain)

University of Alcalá (Spain)

MULTIPALEOIBERIA ERC Project. Área de Prehistoria. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. C/ Colegios 2, 28801 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain)

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